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A. AHMADI, and F. EL BOUANANI, and HUSSAIN BENAZZA, and Y. BENGHABRIT ., (2012) Reduced Complexity Iterative Decodig of 3D-Product Block Codes Based on Genetic Algorithms. Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Volume2012, article ID 609650, 8 pages..

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I. AKHRIF, and L. MESRAR, and A. EL JAY, and R. JABRANE, (2014) Proposition of Corrosion Expertise Method for Water Pumping Stations Application to the Case of Northern Station of Fez City Moroco. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol. 5. No. 6. Dec2013-Jan2014, ISSN : 0975-4024.

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OUSSOUADDI, O. and DARIDON, L. and AHZI, S. and CHRYSOCHOOS, A. (2011) Influence of Dissipated Energy on Shear Band Spacing in HY100 Steel. Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 133. 021002-1-021002-6. ISSN 0094-4289


S. BOUHOU, and I. ESSAOUDI, and A. AINANE, and M. SABER, and J. J. DE MIGUEL, and M. KEROUAD, (2012) Hysteresis loops and phase diagrams of the spin-1 Ising model in a transverse crystal field. Chinese Physics Letters Vol. 29, N°1, 016101-1 (2012).

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