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A. OUBELKACEM, and I. ESSAOUDI, and A. AINANE, and ET ALL, (2015) The Magnetic properties of Multi-surface transverse Ferroelectric Ising Thin Films Ising Nanoparticle. J.Supercond Nov Magn, March2015, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp 877-883, 7p.

ABDESLAM RIHANE, and JACQUES FRANCHIMONT, and PIERRE YÉSOU, (2015) réflexions sur une nichée de canetons sombres suivant une Sarcelle marbée (Marmaronetta angustirosttris) observéer à Mohammedia en 2011. Go-South Bull. 2015, 12, 30- 32.

ALI BOUTOULOUT, and HAMID BOURRAY, and FATIMA-ZAHRAE EL ALAOUI, (2015) Regional Boundary Observability of Semilinear Hyperbolic Systems : HUM Approach. Appl. Math. Inf. Sci. Lett. 3, No. 1, 1-6 (2015).

AZIZ EL ALAMY, and AMINA AMINE, and MOHAMED HAMIDI, and MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, (2015) DFT design and characterization of new D-p-A compound based on thenlenvinylene and thieno [3,4-b] pyrazine for dyes-sensitized and organic solar cells. Journal of chemistry and Materials Research, Vol. 2(1),2015, 2-11.

F. ANTONELLI1, and M. PILAR LAPUENTE, and D. DESSANDIER, and S. KAMEL, (2015) Petrographic charactérization and provenance determination of the crystalline marbles used in the roman city of banasa (Morocco): new data on the import of iberian marble in roman north africa. Archaeometry, Volume 57, Issue 3, pages 405–425, June 2015.

IKRAM DAOU, and OMAR ZEGAOUI, and RACHID CHFAIRA, and HAMMOU AHLAFI, and HAMOU MOUSSOUT, (2015) Physico-chemical characterization and kinetic study of methylene blue adsorption onto a Moroccan Bentonite. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 5, May2015.

J. ATANGANA, and B. G. ONANA ESSAMA, and F. BIYA MOTTO, and B. MOKHTARI, and N. CHERKAOUI EDDEQAQI, and TIMOLEON C. KOFANE, (2015) Kuznetsov-Ma waves train generation in a left-handed material. Journal of Modern Optics,2015. 62(5),.

J. BARDIN, and I. ROUGET, and M. BENZAGGAGH, and F.T. FÜRSICHC, and F. CECCA, (2015) Lower Toarcien (Jurassique) ammonitesof the South Rifian rdgs (Morocco): Systematics, and biostratigraphy. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, Taylor and Francis, Vol. 13, No. 6, 471 501, 2015.

JACQUES ATANGANA, and CHERKAOUI ADEQQAQI, and ET ALL, (2015) Efficient method of calculation of raman soliton self-frequency shift in nonlinear optical media. optics Communications, 339, 2015, 194-208..

JACQUES FRANCHIMONT, (2015) Installation du pigeon ramier columba palumbus excelsa dans la palmeraie de figuig. Go-South Bull. 2015, 12, 28--29.

JALILA EL AMRI, and KHALID EL BADAOUI, and ET ALL, (2015) Phytochemical screening and antibacterial study of two medicinal plants Teucrium capitatium L and Silene vulgaris as a part of ethnobotanical study of the region of El Hajeb (central Morocco). Journal of research in biology, 2015, 5(4), PP. 1720-1725.

L. EZZAHRI, and ALI BOUTOULOUT, and F.Z EL ALAOUI, (2015) Minimum energy input control problem on a constrained boundary subregion. Internationa Review of Automatic Control (I.RE.A.CO.), Vol. 8 N 1 , 2015.

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RACHIDA BELLOUTE, and MOHAMMED DIOURI, (2015) Préférences et aversions au Maroc et les facteurs qui les influencent. Intenational Journal of innovation and Scientific Research, Vol. 13, N° 2, 2015, PP. 463-473..

S. BOUHOU, and I. ESSAOUDI, and A. AINANE, and ET ALL, (2015) Magnetic properties of a Transverse Ising Nanoparticle. J.Supercond Nov Magn, March2015, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp 885-890.

S. KHAYI, and RAOUL DES ESSARTS Y, and QUÊTU-LAURENT A, and M. MOUMNI, and V. HELIAS, and D. FAURE, (2015) Genomic overview of the phytopathogen Pectobacterium wasabiae strain RNS 08.42.1A suggests horizontal acquisition of quorum-sensing genes. Genetica. 2015 Apr;143(2):241-52..

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