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A. ARBAOUI, and M. ASBIK, (2010) Constraints Based Decision Support for Site-Specific Preliminary Design of Wind Turbines. Energy and Power Engineering, ,2,161-170,2010.

A. ARBAOUI, and M. ASBIK, (2010) Constraints based decision support for site-specific preliminary design of wind turbines. Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 2, N° 3. PP.161-170, 2010.

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A. YAAKOUBI, and ABDELKADER CHAHLAOUI, and M. ELYACHIOUI, and A. CHAOUCH, (2010) Traitement Des Margines À Ph Neutre Et En Conditions D’aérobie Par La Microflore Du Sol Avant Épandage. Bull. Soc. Pharm. Bordeaux, 14, 1-16, 2010.

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