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DEKAYI ABDELILAH, (2014) Combining chemical data with GIS and PCA to investigate Phoenician–Punic Cu-metallurgy. Applied Physics A, March 2014, Volume 114, Issue 3, pp 711-722.

DEKAYI ABDELILAH, (2014) Mineralogical Characterization and Thermal Transformations of Talc-Carbonate Rocks from Agoundis (High-Atlas, Morocco). Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society, Volume 73, N° 3, PP.205-210, 2014.

DEKAYI ABDELILAH, (2014) Spatial Dispersion of Heavy Metals in Stream and Pit Lakes Sediments in High Moulouya Watershed (Morocco). Journal of Science, Technology and Environment, Vol 4 (1) , 7 pages, 2014.

DEKAYI ABDELILAH, (2014) Study of Trace Elements (TEs) Contents in a Vertisol Irrigated by Sewage (Meknes-Morocco). American Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science, Publication Date: Nov. 5, 2014, Pages: 67-71.

DEKAYI ABDELILAH, and ZEIN OULD ARBY, and MOHAMED EL MAATAOUI, (2010) Origins of trace elements in cultivated soils irrigated by sewage, Ourzirha Area (Meknes, Morocco. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America, Volume 1 Issue 6. 1140-1147, 2010.


EL MEHDI BENYASSINE, and ABDELILAH DEKAYIR, (2013) Application du SIG et de l'imagerie radar à l'analyse morphologique et minéralogique du bassin versant de la haute Moulouya. Géo Eco trop, 2013, 37;2: 227-242.

EL MEHDI BENYASSINE, and ABDELILAH DEKAYIR, and CORINNE CASIOT, (2013) Contamination by Heavy Metals of Mining Dams, Steam Sediments and Pit Lake Waters in Zeida Abandoned Mine (High Moulouya, Morocco). International journal of Engineering research and Technology, Vol.2 - Issue 11, p. 3758- 3766 (November - 2013).


JUANJO LEDOA, and ALAN G. JONESB, and AGATA SINISCALCHIC, and JOAN CAMPANYÀA, and DUYGU KIYANB, and GERARDO ROMANOC, and MOHAMED ROUAI, and TOPOMED MT TEAMA, (2011) Electrical signature of modern and ancient tectonic processes in the crust of the atlas mountains of morocco. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Volume 185, Issues 3–4, April 2011, Pages 82–88.


K. QARQORI, and M. ROUAI, and F. MOREAU, and G. SARACCO, and O. DAUTEUIL, and D. HERMITTE, and M. BOUALOUL, and C. LE CARLIER DE VESLUD, (2012) Geoelectrical Tomography Investigating and Modeling of Fractures Network around Bittit Spring (Middle Atlas, Morocco. International Journal of Geophysics. Vol.2012, PP. 1-13, scopus.


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LUCIANO TELESCA, and TAJ-EDDINE CHERKAOUI, and MOHAMED ROUAI, (2012) Non-extensive analysis of seismicity: application to some seismic sequences of Morocco. International Journal of Nonlinear Science, Vol.14(2012) No.4,pp.387-391.


R. DIAS, and H. EL OUARDI, and P. ALMEIDA, (2010) From finite strain to the kinematics of the Aguelmous-Mrirt shear zone: geodynamical implications. e-Terra, V. 11-N° 27 (1-4), 2010.


ZEIN OULD ARBY, and ABDELILAH DEKAYIR, and MOHAMED EL MAATAOUI, (2013) Retention supports and geochemical interactions of Trace Elements in two soils irrigated by sewage (Meknes, Morocco). International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, Vol. 3 No. 1 May 2013, pp. 228-236.

ZEIN OULD ARBY, and ABDELILAH DEKAYIR, and MOHAMED EL MAATAOUI, (2010) Vertical Dynamics of the Trace Elements (TE) in Cultivated Soils Subject to an Application by the Sewage(Ourzirha, Meknes-Morocco). European Journal of Scientific Research, 2010, Vol.43 No.2 PP.221-229.

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