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MY. S. SLIMANI, and H. AHLAFI, and H. MOUSSOUT, and F. BOUKHLIFI, and O. ZEGAOUI, (2014) Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium and phenol onto Bentonite Modified With HexaDecylTriMethylAmmonium Bromide (HDTMABr). Journal of Advances in Chemistry Vol. 8, No.2,2 0 1 4.

H. MOUSSOUT, and H. AHLAFI, and MY. S. SLIMANI, and F. BOUKHLIFI, and I. DAOU, (2014) Bentonite/Chitosan Biocomposite As An Adsorbent For Hexavalent Chromium From Aqueous Solutions. Journal of Advances in Chemistry Vol. 10, No. 6,2014.

S. MEKDAD, and M. NACIRI BENNANI, and H. AHLAFI, (2014) Elaboration d’un nanomatériau à partir d’une cellulose microcristalline et d’une Hydrotalcite Mg2AlCO3 (Elaboration of a nanomaterial from microcrystalline cellulose and a Hydrotalcite Mg2AlCO3). Journal Mater. Environ. Sci. 5 (S1)(2014) 2236-2243.

MY. S. SLIMANI, and H. AHLAFI, and H. MOUSSOUT, and R. CHFAIRA, and O. ZEGAOUI, (2014) Evaluation of Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters of Chromium Adsorption on a Organobentonite. International Journal of Advanced Research in Chemical Science (IJARCS),Volume 1, Issue 5, July2014, PP 17-29.

F. BOUKHLIFI, and C EL AKILI, and H. MOUSSOUT, and A. BENZAKOUR, and H. AHLAFI, (2013) Treatment of Global Rejection of Electroplating Industry by Raw Chitin. International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences, Vol. 8(1), pp: 13-23,2013..

F. BOUKHLIFI, and A. BENCHEIKH, and H. AHLAFI, (2011) Caractérisation et propriétés d’adsorption de la chitine traitée à haute température. Phys. Chem. News, 2011, vol. 58, pp. 67–72.

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