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Y. A. SADIKI, and MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, and L. BEJJIT, and M. HAMIDI, and S. M. BOUZZINE, and MUSTAPHA HADDAD, and F. SEREIN-SPIRAU, and J. P. LÈRE-PORTE, and J. MARC SOTIROPOULOS, (2014) New Organic Materials Based on π-conjugated Molecules and N-methylcarbazole for Photovoltaic Applications. DFT Study. Advances in Chemical Engineering (ACE) Volume 2, Issue 1 Feb. 2014, PP. 1-8.

M. BOURASS, and A. FITRI, and A. TOUIMI BENJELLOUN, and M. BENZAKOUR, and M. MCHARFI, and M. HAMIDI, and F. SEREIN-SPIRAU, and T. JARROSSON, and J. P. LÈRE-PORTE, and J.M. SOTIROPOULOS, and MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, (2013) DFT and TDDFT investigations of new theinopyrazine-based dyes for solar celles: sffects of electron donor groups. Der Pharma Chemica,2013, 5(5):144-153..

Z. EL MALKI, and M. HAMIDI, and J-P. LERE-PORTE, and F. SEREIN-SPIRAU, and L. BEJJIT, and MUSTAPHA HADDAD, and MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, (2012) Theoretical study of the geometric, electronic structure and properties of alternating donor-acceptor conjugated oligomers: carbazole (Cbz)-based 3,4 ethylenedioxythiophene (Edot). Adv. Mat. Lett., 2012, 3 (4), 266-272, ISSN : 0976-3961..

S. M. BOUZZINE, and M. HAMIDI, and MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, and F. SEREIN-SPIRAU, and J. P. LÈRE-PORTE, and J.M. SOTIROPOULOS, and A. IRAQI, (2012) Theoritical investigations on the electronic and optical properties of bridged oligothiophenes. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2012, 116 (39), pp 9730–9738..

MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, and O. BENAQQA, and H. TOUFIK, and M.HAMIDI, and J.-P. LERE-PORTE, and F. SEREIN-SPIRAU, and A. AMINE, (2010) Experimental and quantum chemical investigation of new elzectroluminescent material based on thiophene, phenylene and antracene. Analele universitatii din bucuresti, vol. 19 N° 1, 2010, PP. 35-44..

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