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Tahri, M. and Bounakhla, M. and Zghaïd, M. and Noack, Y. and Benyaïch, F. and Benchrif, A. (2013) Evaluation of airborne particulate matter pollution in Kenitra City, Morocco Avaliação da poluição de material particulado de aviação em Kenitra, Marrocos. Revista Ambiente e Agua, 8 (1). pp. 38-47.

Tahri, M. and Bounakhla, M. and Zghaïd, M. and Benchrif, A. and Zahry, F. and Noack, Y. and Benyaïch, F. (2013) TXRF characterization and source identification by positive matrix factorization of airborne particulate matter sampled in Kenitra City (Morocco). X-Ray Spectrometry, 42 (4). pp. 284-289.

Ait Bouh, H. and Benyaïch, F. and Noack, Y. and Bounakhla, M. (2011) Impact of the road traffic and the climatic parameters on the variation of the sulphur dioxide (SO 2) contents in the town of Meknes - Morocco Impact du trafic routier et influences des facteurs meteorologiques sur la variation des teneurs en dioxyde de soufre (SO 2) dans la ville de Meknes - Maroc. Physical and Chemical News, 60. pp. 75-82.

Tahri, M. and Zahry, F. and Bounakhla, M. and Benyaïch, F. and Bilal, E. and Moutte, J. (2009) WD-XRF and ICP-AES analysis methods and their application to sediments of two Moroccan rivers (Boufekrane and Oum Er Rbia). Physical and Chemical News, 45 (1). 01-08.

Qafssaoui, F. and Poirier, J. and Ildefonse, J.P. and Hubert, P. and Benyaïch, F. (2005) Microstructural and physicochemical studies of corroded high-alumina refractories. Silicates Industriels, 70 (7-8). pp. 109-117.

Archidi, M.E. and Haddad, M. and Nadiri, A. and Benyaïch, F. and Berger, R. (1996) Defect centers in X-irradiated alkali phosphate glasses: EPR studies. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 116 (1-4). pp. 145-149.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rahmani, A. and Benyaïch, F. and Bounakhla, M. and Bilal, E. and Moutte, J. and Gruffat, J.J. and Zahry, F. (2004) Étude comparative des techniques d'analyse par fluorescence X à dispersion d'énergie (ED-XRF) et à dispersion de longueur d'onde (WD-XRF), et par spectrométrie d'émission atomique à source plasma couplée par induction (ICP-AES). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bounakhla, M. and Tahri, M. and Benyaïch, F. and Zahry, F. and Bilal, E. and Gruffat, J.J. and Moutte, J. and Garcia, D. (2003) Heavy metals analysis of water, soils and sediments along the Oued Boufekrane river (central Morocco) using WD-XRF and ICP-AES. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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