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Ghyati, S. and Kassou, S. and Jai, M.E. and Kinani, E.H.E. and Benhamou, M. (2020) Investigation of PEG4000/Natural clay-based hybrids: Elaboration, characterization and theory. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 239.

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Conference or Workshop Item

El-Moudny, S. and Badia, M. and Benhamou, M. (2017) Spherical Brownian diffusion of particles on liquid-liquid interfaces of Pickering emulsions. In: UNSPECIFIED.

El Kinani, R. and Benhamou, M. and Kaïdi, H. (2017) Statistical Mechanics of Confined Biological Materials. In: UNSPECIFIED.

El-Moudny, S. and Badia, M. and Benhamou, M. (2017) Structural study of emulsions stabilized by charged nanoparticles. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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