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Janati Idrissi, N. and Falguerès, C. and Haddad, M. and Nespoulet, R. and Hajraoui, M.A.E. and Debénath, A. and Bejjit, L. and Bahain, J.-J. and Michel, P. and Garcia, T. and Boudad, L. and Hammouti, K.E. and Oujaa, A. (2012) Combined ESR-U/TH dating on fossil teeth from el mnasra and el harhoura 2 caves, Rabat-Temara Area. Chronological implications on the human settlement of northwestern part of Morocco during the upper Pleistocene Datation par Esr-U/th combinées de dents fossiles des grottes D'el mnasra et d'el harhoura 2, région de Rabat-Temara: Implications chronologiques sur le peuplement du Maroc atlantique au Pléistocé ne supérieur et son environnement. Quaternaire, 23 (1). pp. 25-35.

Weisrock, A. and Rousseau, L. and Reyss, J.-L. and Falguères, C. and Ghaleb, B. and Bahain, J.-J. and Beauchamp, J. and Boudad, L. and Mercier, N. and Mahieux, G. and Pozzi, J.-P. and Janati-Idrissi, N. and Ouammou, A. (2008) Travertines of the Moroccan Sahara northern border: Morphological settings, U-series datings and palaeoclimatic indications Travertins de la bordure nord du Sahara Morocain: Dispositifs morphologiques, datations U/Th et indications paléoclimatiques. Geomorphologie: Relief, Processus, Environnement (3). pp. 153-168.

Rousseau, L. and Beauchamp, J. and Bahain, J.-J. and Boudad, L. and Deschamps, P. and Falguères, C. and Ghaleb, B. and Lartigot, A.-S. and Pozzi, J.-P. (2006) First results of an interdisciplinary study of quaternary travertines of Morocco Premiers résultats d'une étude pluridisciplinaire menée sur des travertins quaternaires du Maroc. Quaternaire, 17 (4). pp. 343-350.

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