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Koukouch, A. and Idlimam, A. and Asbik, M. and Sarh, B. and Izrar, B. and Bostyn, S. and Bah, A. and Ansari, O. and Zegaoui, O. and Amine, A. (2017) Experimental determination of the effective moisture diffusivity and activation energy during convective solar drying of olive pomace waste. Renewable Energy, 101. pp. 565-574.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Kazdaba, H. and Bah, A. and Idlimam, R. and Ansari, O. and Malha, M. and Asbik, M. (2018) Experimental validation of TRNSYS model of an indirect solar water heater with forced circulation in various weather: Application to Rabat (Morocco). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ousegui, A. and Asbik, M. (2018) Modelling and simulation of "free Cooling" process applied to building construction. In: UNSPECIFIED.

El-Kaddadi, L. and Asbik, M. and Zegaoui, O. and Zari, N. and Bah, A. (2017) Experimental study of sensible heat storage/retrieval in/from a nanofluid enclosed between concentric annular tubes. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kazdaba, H. and Bah, A. and Ansari, O. and Malha, M. and Asbik, M. (2016) Effects of the transfer circuit's insulation on the performance of an indirect solar water heater with forced circulation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Arbaoui, A. and Bennini, M.A. and Asbik, M. (2013) Towards a knowledge base for a wind electric pumping system design. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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