A. ZARROUK, and B. HAMMOUTI, and H. ZARROK, and R. SALGHI, and MOHAMMED BOUACHRINE, and F. BENTISS, and S. S. AL-DEYAB, (2012) Theoretical study using DFT calculations on inhibitory action of four pyridazines on corrosion of copper in nitric acid. Research on Chemical Intermediates, November 2012, Volume 38, Issue 9, pp 2327-2334..

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Item Type: Article
Subjects: Chimie > Chimie Biomoléculaire et Macromoléculaire
Divisions: Faculte des Sciences > Chimie
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Last Modified: 10 Jul 2017 08:17
URI: http://eprints.umi.ac.ma/id/eprint/80

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