Makhoute, A. and Ajana, I. and Khalil, D. and Chaddou, S. (2015) Second-order Born calculation of laser-assisted single ionization of helium by electrons. European Physical Journal D, 69 (6).

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The Born approximation has been extended to second-order Born amplitude in order to describe the laser-assisted single ionization of helium atom by impact of electrons. In this study, we have used a Sturmian basis expansion to perform detailed calculations of the scattering amplitudes. We discuss the influence of varying the incident energy on the angular distribution of the ejected electron. From analysis of the results, we find that second-order calculation is significantly different from the first-order calculation at low incoming energies. It means that the process of the laser-assisted single ionization of helium by slow incident electron requires a double interaction of this electron with the target. © 2015 EDP Sciences, SIF, Springer-Verlag.

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