Agueny, H. and Makhoute, A. and Dubois, A. and Ajana, I. and Rahali, G. (2015) Laser-assisted inelastic scattering of electrons by helium atoms. Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 92 (1).

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The differential cross section for electron-impact excitation of helium atoms in the presence of a linearly polarized laser field is calculated. The interaction of the laser field with both the projectile electron and the target atom is treated in a fully nonperturbative way, while the electron-atom interaction is treated within the first Born approximation. We are interested in studying two cases where the photon energy of the laser field is chosen to be far from resonance and when it matches with 21S21P and 31S31P transition frequencies. The agreement between perturbative and nonperturbative results is good, except close to the resonance where the perturbative cross sections diverge while the nonperturbative ones predict no maximum of the cross sections. Another interesting effect is the presence of an avoided crossing of the Floquet pseudoenergies at resonance. © 2015 American Physical Society. ©2015 American Physical Society.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Atoms; Electric excitation; Electrons; Helium; Impact ionization; Inelastic scattering; Laser excitation; Resonance, Avoided crossings; Differential cross section; Electron-impact excitation; First Born approximation; Linearly polarized laser field; Nonperturbative; Projectile electron; Transition frequencies, Atom lasers
Subjects: Physics and Astronomy
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