Makhoute, A. and Ajana, I. and Khalil, D. and Taoutioui, A. and Dubois, A. (2016) Signatures of laser photon energy in (e, 2e) reactions in helium. European Physical Journal D, 70 (11).

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Abstract: Electron-impact ionization of helium target in the presence of a linearly polarized laserfield is investigated at low incoming energy in the second Born approximation and in theasymmetric coplanar geometry. The status of incident and scattered electrons in theexternal laser field is described by the non-relativistic Volkov waves. The dressed stateof the ejected electron is treated as a Coulomb-Volkov wave function. The laserpolarization vector is taken to be parallel to the incident momentum of the projectile.The scattering amplitudes are performed by using the Sturmian basis. Numerical resultsshow that the laser photon energy dependence of the angular distributions of the ejectedelectrons has a significant control on the (e, 2e) reactions. The structure of the tripledifferential cross section in the vicinity of resonances have been discussed. The higherorder terms of the Born series of the scattering amplitude will be negligible compared tothe first terms at high laser frequencies. Graphical abstract: Figure not available: see fulltext. © 2016, EDP Sciences, SIF, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

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