Afkir, A. and El Fqih, M.A. and El Boujlaidi, A. and Jadoual, L. and Jourdani, R. and Aouchiche, H. and Kaddouri, A. (2019) Angular distribution of sputtered particles from ternary alloy Fe71.9Cr5.6Al22.5 under KR+ bombardment at normal incidence. Acta Physica Polonica A, 135 (3). pp. 434-438.

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Iron, chromium and aluminum particles sputtered under 5 keV by Kr+ ion bombardment at normal incidence from the ternary alloy Fe82Cr6Al12 was simulated. The Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter (SRIM) software combined to a new code-program, called Angulaire, were used to obtain the sputtering yields and angular distributions of the ejected species. The simulation was performed for a large number of incident ions (about 2 × 105 ions) and the number of particles emitted in the solid angle corresponding to the probe was counted by a computer. The angular distributions of sputtered particles were compared with the results available in the literature and showed a reasonable agreement. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that the angular distribution of the differential sputtering yields of all ejected species (iron, aluminum, and chromium) from the ternary alloy exhibited an over-cosine tendency. © 2019 Polish Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Aluminum; Aluminum alloys; Aluminum powder metallurgy; Chromium alloys; Ion bombardment; Iron; Iron alloys; Population distribution; Potassium alloys; Sputtering; Ternary alloys, Aluminum particle; Code programs; Differential sputtering; Ejected species; Normal incidence; Sputtered particles; Sputtering yields; Stopping and range of ions in matters, Angular distribution
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