Essama, B.G.O. and Atangana, J. and Frederick, B.M. and Mokhtari, B. and Eddeqaqi, N.C. and Kofane, T.C. (2014) Rogue wave train generation in a metamaterial induced by cubic-quintic nonlinearities and second-order dispersion. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 90 (3).

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We investigate the behavior of the electromagnetic wave that propagates in a metamaterial for negative index regime. Second-order dispersion and cubic-quintic nonlinearities are taken into account. The behavior obtained for negative index regime is compared to that observed for absorption regime. The collective coordinates technique is used to characterize the light pulse intensity profile at some frequency ranges. Five frequency ranges have been pointed out. The perfect combination of second-order dispersion and cubic nonlinearity leads to a robust soliton at each frequency range for negative index regime. The soliton peak power progressively decreases for absorption regime. Further, this peak power also decreases with frequency. We show that absorption regime can induce rogue wave trains generation at a specific frequency range. However, this rogue wave trains generation is maintained when the quintic nonlinearity comes into play for negative index regime and amplified for absorption regime at a specific frequency range. It clearly appears that rogue wave behavior strongly depends on the frequency and the regime considered. Furthermore, the stability conditions of the electromagnetic wave have also been discussed at frequency ranges considered for both negative index and absorption regimes. © 2014 American Physical Society.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cubic-quintic nonlinearity; Rogue waves; Second-order dispersion, electromagnetic field; nonlinear system; sea, Electromagnetic Phenomena; Nonlinear Dynamics; Oceans and Seas
Subjects: Mathematics
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