Bendaoud, M. and Benyouness, A. and Sarih, M. and Sekkat, S. (2018) Preservers of radial unitary similarity functions on products of operators. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 542. pp. 484-500.

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Let S be a subset of the algebra L(H) of all bounded linear operators on an infinite-dimensional complex Hilbert space H, and let f:S→0,∞) be a radial unitary similarity invariant function. Under some assumption on S and f, characterizations are obtained for surjective maps ϕ on S satisfying f(ϕ(T)∘ϕ(S))=f(T∘S)(T,S∈S), where the binary operation ∘ stands for the product or the Jordan semi-triple product on operators. Analogous descriptions are obtained for the finite-dimensional case, without the surjectivity assumption on ϕ. © 2017 Elsevier Inc.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Linear algebra; Mathematical techniques, Binary operations; Bounded linear operators; Finite dimensional; Infinite dimensional; Jordan product; Non-linear preserver; Operator; Unitary similarity, Mathematical operators
Subjects: Mathematics
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