Nawdali, M. and Ahlafi, H. and Zarguili, I. and Toyir, J. and Zaitan, H. and Bianchi, D. (2016) Study of the Combustion of the Diesel Soot: Impact of the Cerium on the Oxygenated Adsorbed Species Etude de la combustion des suies Diesel: Impact du cérium sur les espèces oxygénées adsorbées. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 7 (5). pp. 1685-1696.

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The combustion of the Diesel soot from fuel with or without cerium is a process still poorly mastered. The objective of the present work is to compare the combustion of a cerium contained-soot (SACe) and soot without cerium (SNACe) in the experimental conditions, continuously monitoring the composition of the gases from the combustion and the temperature of the soot. We have shown that soots SACe and SNACe are burned when the temperature is increased following a process consisting of three phases: a combustion in chemical regime at low temperatures followed by the ignition and then a second phase of combustion in chemical regime at high temperatures. The characterizations, using the Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) experiments conducted on the soot collected in the exhaust system from a Diesel engine running with fuel containing 50 ppm of cerium and 350 ppm of sulfur, have permitted to clarify the impact of this cerium on the nature, reactivity and stability of the superficial oxygenated adsorbed species (denoted by CxOy) by comparison to the soot without cerium SNACe. After TPD on SACe to T > 1000K, the formation of SO2 (decomposition of Ce2(SO4)3), as well as the production of CO2 and CO were observed. The material balance of sulfur indicates that a significant amount of S is still incorporated in the soot particles in a very stable species form Ce2O2S revealed by the TPD experiments according to the literature data. The decomposition of Ce2(SO4)3 appears to be an important step for the catalytic oxidation of the cerium contained-soot SACe.

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