Khammour, F. and Elkouali, M. and Kenz, A. and Yousfi, S. and Talbi, M. and Kabbaj, M. and Belghazi, O. and Ainane, T. (2016) A statistical approach based on the full factorial experiment for optimization of dyes adsorption on biomaterials prepared from mint and tea. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 7 (4). pp. 1379-1385.

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The objective of this work is the optimization by statistical approach of adsorption methylene blue on biomaterials based of mint and tea: waste of mint (WM), fresh mint leaf (FML) and waste of tea (WT). In the first part, we studied the effect of the three adsorbent on the yields adsorption by analysis of variance (ANOVA), hence the analysis of experiments conducted by this statistical tests shows that the waste of mint (WM) gives yields better than other biomaterials studied. The second part was devoted to a study of adsorption yields by full factorial design for three biomaterials (WM), (FML) and (WT), therefore a statistical approach realized on this part, is based on the identification and evaluation of influences of each factor independently and dependently on the amount adsorbed of methylene blue on the three biomaterials. These factors selected are: initial concentration of adsorbate (C0), adsorbent dose (W) and size of the adsorbent grains (d). The results for the three biomaterials of this section prove that the initial adsorbate concentration influences the amount adsorbed of methylene blue, by against the other two parameters have absence influence. Also, the study of parameters interaction between them, it was found that the interaction between the adsorbate concentration and the adsorbent dose is most influential on the amount adsorbed relative to the others interactions. © 2016.

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