Khalki, C. and Mahjoubi, R. and Kamel, S. and Alaoui, M.K. (2016) The nature and origin of stones and other building materials and decoration of the ancient site of Rirha -Morocco Nature et origine des pierres et autres matériaux de construction et de décoration du site antique de Rirha- Maroc. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 7 (5). pp. 1723-1740.

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The ancient site of Rirha is located on a bend of the Beht river in the Gharb plain in the northern part of Morocco. A petrographic study of materials from the site and of stones from around was undertaken to determine their facies. The site shows archaeological objects and adobe constructions of the Mauritanian time and buildings of stone and terracotta bricks of the Roman time. The most of carved or rubbles stones and of architectural objects are made of limestone or sandstone. Most of stones may come from the pre-Rif wrinkles area where occur limestones and Miocene sandstone. Lime mortar between rubble and coating are a mixture of lime and sand-gravel aggregate. The adobe or terracotta bricks are made of local stream sediments © 2016.

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