Sadki, H. and Bennani, M.N. and Mbarek, M. and Alimi, K. and Bouachrine, M. (2016) Characterization of new materials poly(Ethylcarbazol-Terphenyl) (PEcbz-Ter) synthesized using AlCl3 as an oxidant for optoelectronic applications. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 7 (8). pp. 2771-2777.

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In this paper, we report the synthesis and characterization of a new material based on Poly(9-Ethylcarbazole) (PEcbz), and Poly(p-Terphenyl) (PTer); conjugated copolymer containing carbazole moieties either in the main or side chains have attracted much attention because of their unique electronic properties, their high photoluminescence quantum efficiency, and thermal stability. This copolymer was prepared by oxidative copolymerization of PEcbz in the presence of p-Terphenyl monomers in chloroform with anhydrous AlCl3. First, we describe the route for preparing the new copolymer. Then, we report characterization measurements based on solide state IR absorption, UV-visible absorption, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (13C NMR), photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL), and time resolved photoluminescence decays (PLRT).

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