Ninis, O. and Kacimi, R. and Bouaamlat, H. and Abarkan, M. and Bouachrine, M. (2017) Theoretical studies of photovoltaic properties for design of new Azo-Pyrrole photo-sensitizer materials as dyes in solar cells. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 8 (7). pp. 2572-2578.

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Since the pyrrole derivatives are actively studied in connection with several application areas in optic and electronic, we aim to investigate new Azo-Pyrrole as useful photovoltaic sensitizer materials. Thus, DFT study was reported upon three compounds (APS, APC1, APC2). We present materials with low gap (Eg <2eV), exhibiting open circuit voltage (Voc) in the range 0.75-0.85 eV, with favorable absorption properties: Light Harvesting Efficiency (LHE > 0.75) and maximal absorption λmax from 410 nm to 480 nm. In fact, this method constitutes a good approximation to characterize the dye molecules and gives helpful findings for the design of new dyes. © 2017, University of Mohammed Premier Oujda Morocco.

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