Bougueraa, F.Z. and Ettaqi Said, S. (2016) Development of Chitosan coating: Study of the effect of roughness on the mechanical and morphological performances. International Review of Mechanical Engineering, 10 (7). pp. 537-542.

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Chitosan coatings on metal implants have recently received considerable attention in the biomedical field. This work aims to evaluate the effect of the roughness of the surface of titanium (CP Ti) on chitosan coating behavior. The titanium substrates were also polished mechanically to vary the surface roughness preparing four samples (CS-0.34μm, CS-0.31 μm, CS-0.28μm and CS-0.25μm). These samples were coated with chitosan according to the simple method of coating. The surface of the sample was examined by optical microscopy and it was found homogenous morphology. The thicknesses of coatings were determined by the weighing which was varied (24-36μm). The coating roughness was evaluated by mechanical roughness showing that the value of Ra the samples varied from (0.25-0.4μm). The adhesion coating on the titanium substrate was carried out by micro-indentation tests and micro-scratch under load respectively (1N, 3N and 5N). Titanium substrates having Ra (0.25-0.28μm) showed optimal adhesion to the chitosan coating. © 2016 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

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