Barghouti, M.E. and Akjouj, A. and Mir, A. (2018) Effect of MoS2 layer on the LSPR in periodic nanostructures. Optik, 171. pp. 237-246.

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In this work, we propose a new configuration of the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), based on MoS2 hybrid structures for ultrasensitive biosensing applications. The plasmonic resonances are widely used in bimolecular detection and continue to be an active network because of the rich variety of surface configurations and measurement donations. The present work studies the interaction of gold nanoparticles with a MoS2 film. MoS2 is used as a thin spacer between the gold nanoparticles and the dielectric medium used for detection. MoS2 monolayers have emerged recently as promising nanostructures for various applications in both the optics and electronics. This paper gives an overview of the optical properties of 2D nanostructures based on this new class of materials. A stronger behavior of the resonance positions in the absorption spectrum exhibits a strong coupling between the LSPR on the gold nanoparticles and the MoS2 coating film. Numerical simulations display a significant red shift of the plasmonic resonance (λmax) and the results show that using a 3.90 nm MoS2 layer, the plasmon resonance wavelength is increased of 333.7 nm. We also study the performance of the proposed biosensors in terms of sensitivity using multilayers of MoS2, and normal incidence to the surface of SiOx/AuNPs/MoS2/water and SiOx/MoS2/AuNPs/water. We obtain a very high sensitivity of 297.62 nm/RIU corresponding to an increase of 26 compared to the results obtained on SiOx/AuNPs/water, with a location of the electric field on the gold nanoparticles and the covering MoS2 layer. These characteristics should make these biosensors a preferred choice for detection applications. © 2018 Elsevier GmbH

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Absorption spectroscopy; Biosensors; Electric fields; Fiber optic sensors; Gold nanoparticles; Metal nanoparticles; Molybdenum compounds; Optical properties; Plasmonics; Plasmons; Surface plasmon resonance, Biosensing applications; Layer of MoS2; Localized surface plasmon resonance; Periodic nanostructure; Plasmon resonances; Plasmonic resonances; Sensitivity; Surface configuration, Layered semiconductors
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