Zaimi, M. and El Achouby, H. and Ibral, A. and Assaid, E.M. and El Maliki, M.S. and Saadani, R. (2019) Temporal monitoring of temperature and incident irradiance for predicting photovoltaic solar module peak power and efficiency using analytical expressions of model physical parameters. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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In this paper, we proceed to a daily monitoring of module temperature T and incident solar irradiance G received on south faced tilted fixed photovoltaic solar module modelled by single diode equivalent electronic circuit. We assume that module series resistance Rs and shunt conductance Gp are constant and equal to values corresponding to standard test conditions (STC). We derive new analytical expressions describing variations of photocurrent Iph, ideality factor η and saturation current Is as functions of temperature T and irradiance G, using temperature coefficients available and irradiance coefficients extracted from manufacturer's datasheet. We determine analytically and numerically variations of photocurrent, ideality factor and saturation current throughout a day. We deduce temporal evolving of maximum power point current Impp, maximum power point voltage Vmpp and module efficiency of Sunmodule plus SW255 polycrystalline silicon based photovoltaic solar module and compare with maximum power point and module efficiency experimental data. We raise a very good agreement between predicted values and experimental measurements. © 2018 IEEE.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Current voltage characteristics; Electric resistance; Energy conservation; Incident solar radiation; Polycrystalline materials; Polysilicon; Solar power generation, Analytical expressions; Irradiance coefficients; Maximum power point; Physical parameters; Saturation current; Solar module; Standard test condition (STC); Temperature coefficient, Solar cell arrays
Subjects: Energy
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