Benzaogach, M. and Atrops, F. (1997) Le Malm supérieur et le Berriasien dans le Prérif interne et le Mésorif (Rif, Maroc): Stratigraphie et paléogéographie. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, 90 (3). pp. 513-529.

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The stratigraphic study of several sections in calcareous series of the Kimmeridgian-Lower Tithonian "Sofs" and the upper Tithonian-Berriasian marly limestones in internal Prerif and Mesorif, has permitted to establish the detailed lithologie succession of these series. The stratigraphic correlations established from precise datations by ammonites and pelagic microfauna, have allowed to demonstrate that the south-north succession of "Sofs" corresponds to the polarity of depositional basin. The changes of thickness and fades of the "Sots" series are linked to the paleogeography of the basin and to the activity, during late Malm-Berriasian, of several tectonic faults oriented east-west. NESW to NW-SE. Also, three categories of "Sofs" have been distinguished, each one corresponding to a particular paleogeographic area. On the southern margin of the internal Prerif. the "Sofs" series are thick and have a characteristic neritic facies of the internal platform. In central and northern parts of the internal Prerif. these series are less thick and have a typical external platform pelagic facies. In Mesorif, the "Sofs" series show an important change of thickness and facies, with frequent pelbiosparite and oobiosparite autochtonous layers rich in benthic organisms. These series characterize the paleogeographic conditions of a faulted zone formed by alternation of shallow shoals episodically near the emersion and grooves relatively deeper. From late early Tithonian to the Berriasian, the facies in internal Prerif and Mesorif characterizes a deep and open pelagic basin.

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