Ouchaou, B. and Amani, F. (2002) The neolithic and protohistoric carnivora from northern Morocco Les carnivores des gisements néolithiques et protohistoriques du nord du Maroc. Quaternaire, 13 (1). pp. 79-87.

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The north Morocco neolithic and protohistorical archaeological levels yielded a dozen species of Carnivora. The Canidae are represented by Lycaon sp., Vulpes, vulpes, Canis familiaris, Canis aureus and perhaps an other species of Canis. For the Felidae, besides Panthera leo, Panthera paradus and Felis silvestris we note the presence of medium size felines like Felis serval and Felis caracal. The measurements indicate in fact that the bear (Ursus arctos) was small and thickset ; a high intraspecific variability of dog and a smaller lion than the paleolithic one. The other families are less diversified with the presence of Crocuta crocuta among Hyaenidae and Genetta genetta among Viverridae. Three species (bear, African wild dog and lion) are now extinct in North Africa and the others (hyena, panther, serval, caracal) are in way of disappearance.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: archaeology; carnivore; measurement method; morphology; Neolithic; taxonomy, Morocco, Canis aureus; Canis familiaris; Carnivora; Crocuta crocuta; Felis caracal; Felis serval; Felis silvestris; Genetta genetta; Lycaon; Panthera leo; Panthera pardus; Ursus arctos; Vulpes vulpes
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