Benzaggagh, M. and Cecca, F. and Rouget, I. (2010) Biostratigraphic distribution of ammonites and calpionellids in the Tithonian of the internal Prerif (Msila area, Morocco). Palaontologische Zeitschrift, 84 (2). pp. 301-315.

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Because of the relatively thick succession exposed in the Msila area, new bed-by-bed sampling has been carried out in order to investigate late Tithonian ammonites and the correlation between biostratigraphic scales based on ammonites and calpionellids. The outcrop begins with Lower Tithonian beds assigned to the Fallauxi Zone. Ammonites have been found that allow recognition in the same section both Fallauxi and Ponti Zones. The most significant species are: Simocerasadmirandum Zittel, which is the marker of the upper subzone of the Fallauxi Zone, i. e. the Admirandum/Biruncinatum Subzone, and several species of the genus Lemencia and Burckhardticeras peroni (Roman), that characterize the Ponti Zone. Ammonites that belong to the Microcanthum Zone appear in bed 18. This zone is usually subdivided into two subzones, of which only the lower one, the Simplisphinctes Subzone, has been recognized. The upper Transitorius Subzone has been recognized on the basis of the occurrence of Moravisphinctes fischeri (Kilian). The last ammonite unit, the Durangites Zone, is easily recognizable because of the occurrence of species of the genera Durangites and Protacanthodiscus. The section ends with the beginning of the Berriasian, which is characterized by a well-exposed, ammonite-rich bed of the Jacobi Zone. Correlation of the ammonite zones with calpionellid zones has been investigated. The Chitinoidella Zone is characterized by calpionellids with microgranular tests that appear in the ammonite Admirandum/Biruncinatum Subzone with species of the Dobeni Subzone, which extends up to the Ponti Zone. Representatives of the Boneti Sub-Zone appear in bed 16, which probably correlates with the base of the ammonite Upper Tithonian Microcanthum Zone. Two horizons have been distinguished within the calpionellid Subzone A3. © 2009 Springer-Verlag.

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