Raynal, J.-P. and Sbihi-Alaoui, F.-Z. and Mohib, A. and El Graoui, M. and Lefèvre, D. and Texier, J.-P. and Geraads, D. and Hublin, J.-J. and Smith, T. and Tafforeau, P. and Zouak, M. and Grün, R. and Rhodes, E.J. and Eggins, S. and Daujeard, C. and Fernandes, P. and Gallotti, R. and Hossini, S. and Queffelec, A. (2010) Hominid Cave at Thomas Quarry I (Casablanca, Morocco): Recent findings and their context. Quaternary International, 223-22. pp. 369-382.

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The Thomas Quarry I locality was made famous in 1969 with the discovery of a human half-mandible in a cave. In 1985, further investigations revealed the presence of a Lower Acheulean assemblage in lower units of the section. From 1988 onwards, modern controlled excavations took place within the framework of the Franco-Moroccan co-operative project " Casablanca" Acheulean artefacts, a rich mammalian fauna and four hominid teeth have been excavated from the cave. The faunal set indicates an open woodland environment. Carcasses were processed by carnivores, but cut-marks are absent, which raises the question of any human role in the bone accumulations. Stone knapping was mainly oriented towards flake production and a few bifaces have been imported into the site. Laser ablation ICP-MS dating combining the ESR and U-series data for the modelling of the U-uptake has given an US/ESR age of 501+94-76 ka for a human premolar while new OSL measurements yielded an age of 420 ± 34 ka for sediments immediately above the dated tooth and 391 ± 32 ka below. Nevertheless, biostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy point towards a greater antiquity. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd and INQUA.

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