Aouraghe, H. and Bougariane, B. and Abbassi, M. (2012) The upper pleistocene lagomorphs from El harhoura 1 cave (Temara, Morocco) Les lagomorphes du pléistocène supérieur de la grotte d'el harhoura 1 (Témara, Maroc). Quaternaire, 23 (2). pp. 163-174.

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Lagomorphs collected in the Upper Pleistocene levels of El Harhoura 1 cave are assigned to two genera: Oryctolagus and Lepus. There are 220 well-preserved remains, most of which have been attributed to adults. Bones attributed to the genus Lepus are more numerous than those attributed to the genus Oryctolagus. Lagomorphs from El Harhoura I show affinities with those from some other Moroccan sites dating to the same period, such as Bouknadel and Doukkala 2. The role of carnivores in the accumulation of lagomorph remains in the El Harhoura I cave is significant, while the role of humans is difficult to ascertain given the absence of traces of butchery on the bones. Few works have been realised on Quaternary Lagomorpha in North Africa. This paleontological and taphonomic study of the Lagom orpha from El Harhoura 1 will undoubtedly contribute to knowledge about Pleistocene Lagom orpha of Morocco.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: bone; carnivore; cave; dating method; lagomorph; paleontology; Pleistocene; Quaternary; taphonomy, Lagomorpha; Lepus; Oryctolagus
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