Essafraoui, B. and Ferry, S. and Groshény, D. and Içame, N. and El Aouli, H. and Masrour, M. and Bulot, L.G. and Géraud, Y. and Aoutem, M. (2015) Sequence stratigraphic architecture of marine to fluvial deposits across a passive margin (Cenomanian, Atlantic margin, Morocco, Agadir transect) Architecture séquentielle des dépôts marins à continentaux sur une marge passive (Cénomanien, marge Atlantique marocaine, transversale d'Agadir). Carnets de Geologie, 15 (12). pp. 137-172.

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Seven sections, covering the upper Albian to lowermost Turonian, have been correlated from full-marine to continental-dominated deposits across a passive margin, along a transect 425 km long, from the present-day Atlantic coast to the “Pre-African Trough” between the Anti-Atlas and the High-Atlas. The thickness of the Cenomanian succession changes from around 500 metres in the fully marine sections to 250 metres in mostly continental facies in the western High-Atlas, about 150 km updip, to a few tens of metres in the Bou Tazoult area. The strata thicken again eastwards into the Pre-African Trough where they can be traced without major facies changes to the Kem Kem embayment and to the Bechar area in Algeria. Over all this eastern area, continental facies are overlain by the fully-marine shallow-water deposits of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary interval. A first major conclusion is that fluvial aggradation in high-frequency transgressive-regressive sequences is coeval with the seaward-shift of the shoreline, in accordance with the genetic sequence stratigra-phic model of Galloway (1989). Both the flatness of the depositional profile and the corresponding very low energy of the marine environment during the transgressions account for the blanket of red continental clays on top of marine facies in updip depositional sequences, which is then preserved under the marine transgressive surface of the next sequence. © 2015, Carnets de Geologie. All rights reserved.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: aggradation; Albian; architecture; Cenomanian-Turonian boundary; depositional sequence; facies; fluvial deposit; marine environment; passive margin; succession; transect; Turonian, Agadir (CTY) Souss-Massa-Draa; Algeria; Anti Atlas; Atlas Mountains; Bechar; Galloway; High Atlas; Morocco; Scotland; Souss-Massa-Draa; United Kingdom
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