Moussaid, B. and Villalaín, J.J. and Casas-Sainz, A. and El Ouardi, H. and Oliva-Urcia, B. and Soto, R. and Román-Berdiel, T. and Torres-López, S. (2015) Primary vs. secondary curved fold axes: Deciphering the origin of the Aït Attab syncline (Moroccan High Atlas) using paleomagnetic data. Journal of Structural Geology, 70. pp. 65-77.

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The Aït Attab syncline, located in the Central High Atlas, displays a curved geometry in plan view, and is considered as one of the most spectacular fold shapes in the Central High Atlasic belt. We conducted a paleomagnetic study in Jurassic-Cretaceous red beds to investigate the origin of this geometry. The Natural Remanent Magnetization (NRM) is dominated by a secondary magnetization carried by haematite with unvarying normal polarity that has been dated at about 100 Ma. The regional fold test performed in both limbs of the syncline is positive and the paleomagnetic vectors (after tectonic correction) are parallel throughout the curvature, indicating a negative oroclinal bending test. These results are inconsistent with previous works that consider the bent geometry of this syncline to result from subsequent distortion of originally NE-SW trending structures by rotation about a vertical axis. We interpret the NRM data to demonstrate that the changing trend of the Aït Attab syncline is a primary feature, resulting from the influence of pre-existing, NE-SW and E-W-striking extensional faults that developed during a strike-slip regime. Paleomagnetic results also reveal that the tilting observed in the sampled red beds is post Albian, probably linked to the Cenozoic inversion of the High Atlasic belt. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Geomagnetism; Hematite; Magnetization; Natural resources management; Strike-slip faults, Changing trends; Extensional faults; Moroccan High Atlas; Natural remanent magnetization; Paleomagnetic data; Paleomagnetism; Regional folds; Remagnetization, Geometry, bending; Cenozoic; Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary; paleomagnetism; remagnetization; remanent magnetization; strike-slip fault; syncline, Atlas Mountains; High Atlas; Morocco
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