Chahidi, S. and Hssaida, T. and Benzaggagh, M. and Oumalch, F. and Jaydawi, S. (2016) Palynostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the South Rifian Ridges (Morocco) Upper Domerian-Lower Toarcian sequence: A transitional domain between the Proto-Atlantic and the Tethys Palinoestratigrafía y paleoambiente de la secuencia del Domeriense superior-Toarciense inferior de la Sierra Sur-Rifeña (Marruecos): Un dominio transicional entre el Proto-Atlántico y el Tetis. Boletin Geologico y Minero, 127 (2-3). pp. 375-388.

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This paper relates to two marly outcrop sections of the South Rifian Ridges central unit (Moulay Idriss Zerhoun area), dated by Upper Domerian-Lower Toarcian ammonites. The Upper Domerian marls from the SKM outcrop section (Souk of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun) have yielded palynofacies very rich in lignitic particles (needle-like phytoclasts), Tasmanites (unicellular green algae), spores and pollen grains. The marine microfossils, especially dinoflagellate cysts and acritarchs, are not present. These latter marine organisms are predominant in the Lower Toarcian palynofacies samples collected from the FA (Feddane Amar) outcrop section, in association with a significant amount of lignitic particles. This striking difference in the palynological content between the palynofacies of the Upper Domerian and the Lower Toarcian indicates an important change in the marine paleoenvironment in the South Rifian Ridge domain. Therefore, the anoxic period during the Upper Domerian is marked by the abundance of spores and pollen grains and the absence of marine microfossils, except for the Tasmanites; it is followed by a normal salinity-marine period, characterized by abundant marine-related palynomorphs, in the Early Toarcian. This paleoenvironmental change may be related with the Middle Liassic carbonate platform dislocation of the South Rifian Ridge domain and probably to the global marine transgression, occurring at the base of Toarcian, known all over the world. © 2016 Tohoku University, Mathematical Institute. All rights reserved.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ammonite; biostratigraphy; Jurassic; paleoenvironment; palynology; palynomorph; pollen; sequence stratigraphy; spore; Tethys, Morocco, Acritarcha; Chlorophyta; Dinophyceae; Tasmanites
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