Benzaggagh, M. and Oumhamed, M. and Ferré, B. and Latil, J.-L. (2017) Turonian cephalopods (ammonoids and a nautiloid) from the Wadi Daya Formation of the Talerzha Basin (South Riffian Ridges Domain, northern Morocco). Cretaceous Research, 74. pp. 109-119.

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The Wadi Daya Formation, or the Calcaires crayeux of the older literature, attains a thickness of 10–40 m in the Talerhza Basin of the South Riffian Ridges. Previously, this unit was first dated as “Vraconian” (i.e., late upper Albian), but then reinterpreted as Cenomanian-Turonian and Cenomanian-Coniacian on the basis of foraminiferal and ostracod assemblages, respectively. Here, we record for the first time in the South Riffian Ridges, some typically Turonian ammonoids and a nautiloid species, namely Romaniceras (Yubariceras) cf. ornatissimum (Stoliczka), Spathites (Jeanrogericeras) cf. reveliereanus (Courtiller), Neoptychites cephalotus (Courtiller), Pachydesmoceras linderi (de Grossouvre), Lewesiceras peramplum (Mantell) and Angulithes galea (Fritsch, in Fritsch & Schlönbach). These species are herein described and illustrated. In view of these data, the underlying Marnes et marno-calcaires jaunes Formation, formerly dated as “Vraconian”, could in fact be of a middle to late Cenomanian date, in accordance with the age assignment based on planktonic foraminifera. Deposition of the overlying Marnes jaunes Formation, previously dated as Cenomanian-“Senonian”, probably started during the latest Turonian or earliest Coniacian. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ammonite; Cenomanian-Turonian boundary; cephalopod; deposition; new record; ostracod; planktonic foraminifera, Morocco, Ammonoidea; Cephalopoda; Cephalotus; Foraminifera; Nautilida; Ostracoda
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