Tuduri, J. and Chauvet, A. and Barbanson, L. and Bourdier, J.-L. and Labriki, M. and Ennaciri, A. and Badra, L. and Dubois, M. and Ennaciri-Leloix, C. and Sizaret, S. and Maacha, L. (2018) The jbel saghro au(–ag, cu) and ag–hg metallogenetic province: product of a long-lived ediacaran tectono-magmatic evolution in the moroccan anti-atlas. Minerals, 8 (12).

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The Jbel Saghro is interpreted as part of a long-lived silicic large igneous province. The area comprises two lithostructural complexes. The Lower Complex consists of folded metagreywackes and N070–090◦E dextral shear zones, which roughly results from a NW–SE to NNW–SSE shortening direction related to a D1 transpressive tectonic stage. D1 is also combined with syntectonic plutons emplaced between ca. 615 and 575 Ma. The Upper Complex is defined by ash-flow caldera emplacements, thick and widespread ignimbrites, lavas and volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks with related intrusives that were emplaced in three main magmatic flare ups at ca. 575, 565 and 555 Ma. It lies unconformably on the Lower Complex units and was affected by a D2 trantensive tectonic stage. Between 550 and 540 Ma, the magmatic activity became slightly alkaline and of lower extent. Ore deposits show specific features, but remain controlled by the same structural setting: a NNW–SSE shortening direction related to both D1 and D2 stages. Porphyry Au(–Cu–Mo) and intrusion-related gold deposits were emplaced in an earlier stage between 580 and 565 Ma. Intermediate sulfidation epithermal deposits may have been emplaced during lull periods after the second and (or) the third flare-ups (560–550 Ma). Low sulfidation epithermal deposits were emplaced late during the felsic alkaline magmatic stage (550–520 Ma). The D2 stage, therefore, provided extensional structures that enabled fluid circulations and magmatic-hydrothermal ore forming processes. © 2018 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

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