Yaakoubi, A. and AChahlaoui, and Rahmani, M. and Ouhssine, M. and Chaouch, A. (2009) Comparative study of the characteristics of olive-mill waste water according to the extraction process and storage duration of olives Etude comparative des caracteristiques des margines en fonction du processus d'extraction et de la duree de stockage des olives. Physical and Chemical News, 47. pp. 120-125.

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Our study consisted in evaluating the polluting strength of Olive-mill waste waters (OMWW) coming from oil mills (press and centrifugation systems) in the Meknes area (Central Morocco). This study was carried in order to orient our choice on OMWW that will be intended for irrigation and fertilisation of clayish soils Physico-chemical analysis showed on one hand that OMWW from the press were effluents with an acidic pH (4.76), very loaded with organic matter (124.2 g/l of COD and 49.94 g/1 of BO5D), total dry matter (74.95 g/1), salts (EC = 15.74 mScm2), residual oil (7.31 g/1) and polyphenols (17.075 g/1). OMWW from the centrifugation system were less concentrated in comparison with the ones from the press: They characterize themselves by an acidic pH (4. 92), an organic matter (69. 75 g/1 of COD and 32.79 g/1 of BO5D), a dry total matter (37.4 g/1), a conductivity (7.01 mS/cm2), a residual oil (1.465 g/1) and polyphenols (9.8 g/1). They also revealed good fertilizing properties due to their content in NPK (305 mg/1; 279.5 mg/1; 2700 mg/1; respectively) that do not surpass the established norms. In addition, the microbiological analysis showed that OMWW do not show any infection by pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, they do not present sanitary risks at the time of their reutilization in farming, without previous treatment.

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