Baaziz, M.B. and Azdouz, M. and Azrour, M. and Batan, A. and Manoun, B. (2018) Elaboration, rietveld refinements and vibrational spectroscopic studies of a new lacunar apatite series: NaPb3–x CaxCd(PO4)3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1). Journal of Chemical Research, 42 (11). pp. 564-571.

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The solid–solution series NaPb3–xCaxCd(PO4)3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) has been synthesised and crystallised in the hexagonal system with the P63/m space group. A refinement study using the Rietveld method shows good agreement between the observed and calculated patterns. The structure can be described as built up from PO43– tetrahedra and Pb2+/Cd2+/Ca2+ of six-fold coordination cavities (6h positions), which delimit void hexagonal tunnels running along 001. These tunnels are connected by cations of mixed sites (4f) which are half occupied by Pb2+/Cd2+/Ca2+ and half by Na+ cations. The vibrational spectra of all the compositions are similar and show some linear shifts as a function of the composition towards lower values due to the substitutions of Pb2+ by Ca2+ with a smaller radius. © 2018 Science Reviews 2000 Ltd. All rights reserved.

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