Ait Lyazidi, H. and Benabdallah, M.Z. and Berlan, J. and Kot, C. and Fabre, P.-L. and Mestre, M. and Fauvarque, J.-F. (1996) Electrooxidation of Diacetone -L-Sorbose (DAS) into Diacetone-2-Keto-L-Gulonic Acid (DAG) at Nickel Electrodes. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 74 (3). pp. 405-410.

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The oxidation of diacetone-L-sorbose (DAS) into diacetone-2-keto-L-gulonic acid (DAG) is a step in the synthesis of vitamin C. This oxidation was carried out electrochemically in a stirred cell with the redox couple Ni(OH)2/β-NiOOH as an electrochemical mediator. The anode was made of a current collector (nickel foam or platinized-titanium) and of a suspension of Ni(OH)2 in KOH aqueous media. The mediated electrooxidation of DAS was achieved by the Ni(OH)2/β-NiOOH couple in solution which was regenerated at the current collector. This process required a two- compartment reactor but afforded high yields of chemical conversion: we obtained 96 with a 48 faradaic yield. Previous works dealing with DAS electrooxidation to DAG on nickel anode are reviewed hereafter.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Electrochemical electrodes; Nickel compounds; Oxidation; Suspensions (fluids); Synthesis (chemical); Vitamins, Electrocatalysis; Electrooxidation; Nickel hydroxide; Vitamin C, Electrochemistry
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