Charbonnier, M. and Romand, M. and Harry, E. and Alami, M. (2001) Surface plasma functionalization of polycarbonate: Application to electroless nickel and copper plating. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 31 (1). pp. 57-63.

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Electroless metallization of polymers requires different steps including (i) the preconditioning of the surface to render it chemically reactive, (ii) the chemisorption of a catalyst (Pd) to activate the so-modified surface towards subsequent metallization, and (iii) the metallization itself. In the present work, electroless metallization was carried out on poly(carbonate) substrates, and step (i) was performed using plasma treatments in various gaseous atmospheres (NH3, N2, O2). When a sufficiently high surface concentration of nitrogenated groups is grafted it is shown from X-ray photoelectron (XPS) analyzes that the so-functionalized surfaces can chemisorb Pd2+ ions directly from a simple PdCl2 solution. Thus, step (i) allows simplification of the conventional electroless processes commonly used up to now. Moreover, XPS analyses indicate chemical reduction of Pd2+ ions to Pd(0) during the more or less long initiation time before the start of metallization. This reduction is easily performed in nickel plating baths thanks to the hypophosphite reducer. On the other hand, this reduction is possible with formaldehyde, the reducer of copper plating baths, only if Sn2+ ions (brought by the conventional processes using SnCl2 and PdCl2 solutions) are present.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Catalysts; Chemisorption; Copper plating; Electroless plating; Grafting (chemical); Metallizing; Nickel plating; Palladium; Plasma applications; Surface treatment; X ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Surface plasma functionalization, Polycarbonates
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