Benzaggagh, M. and Atrops, F. (1995) The Chitinoidella and Crassicollaria zones (Tithonian) in the inner part of the Prerif (Morocco). New data and correlation with ammonite zones Les zones a Chitinoidella et a Crassicollaria (Tithonien) dans la partie interne du Prerif (Maroc). Donnees nouvelles et correlation avec les zones d'ammonites. Comptes Rendus - Academie des Sciences, Serie II: Sciences de la Terre et des Planetes, 320 (3). pp. 227-234.

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The detailed stratigraphic study of the Upper Jurassic in the "Sofs' of the inner part of the Prerif produced new data on the Chitinoidella and Crassicollaria zones (Tithonian). The two Chitinoidella subzones have been sufficiently characterized, and correlated with the ammonite zones. Three horizons of Chitinoidella association have been recognized in the Boneti subzone. A1 subzone includes two calpionellid (s.l.) associations. The boundary between the A2-A3 subzones coincides with the disappearance of Saccocoma. At the top of the A3 subzone, there is a homeomorphic form of Calpionella elliptica. The evolution of Chitinoidella and their transformation into calpionellids are elucidated. There is an abridged English version. -English summary

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ammonite; biozonation; calpionellid; Jurassic; Tithonian, Morocco; Prerif
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